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Franklin Aircraft Engines, Inc. is for sale

This is an amazing investment opportunity for you or your company to own 12 Franklin FAA-approved STC’s and several experimental installations. Everything is easy to relocate and requires minimal space, offering the perfect opportunity to expand your existing business or start a new one.

Sale includes:
  • 12 FAA-approved STC’s for engine conversions of popular single engine aircraft models
  • Franklin Aircraft engines, Inc. FAA-PMA (re-application required at your location)
  • FAA-PMA Manufacturing and inspection tooling
  • FAA-Approved Blueprints for manufacture of FAA-PMA parts
  • OEM Distributorships
  • Trade name
  • Website
  • Logo
  • New and used inventory
  • Tooling and prints for several Experimental installations

Developing a single powerplant upgrade STC today costs $80,000 to $100,000. Developing an Experimental installation costs between $15,000 and $45,000 for each one. We are offering a total of 12 Supplemental Type Certificates (STC’s) specifically for the installation of Franklin Powerplants in Certificated Aircraft.

Everything listed above is available for a fraction of the development costs. The new and used inventory will give you the ability to obtain immediate cash-flow. The Franklin Aircraft Engines website has been long established and is the #1 search result for Franklins on the internet. The OEM distributorships will allow you to purchase new accessories at lower costs and either pass the savings onto the customer or create a larger profit-margin. The Franklin Aircraft Engines, Inc. Logo was developed about 10 years ago and does not infringe upon the original Franklin Logo ownership.

Serious inquiries only. Interested parties please mail your name and contact information to the address listed below and we will send you a Non-Disclosure and Confidentiality Agreement to sign. Upon receipt of your signed NDCA, we will send you pricing information.

Franklin Aircraft Engines, Inc
136 Racquette Drive
Fort Collins, Colorado 80524


For certified aircraft owners considering upgrading their obsolete powerplants, Franklin Aircraft Engines, Inc. offers a First-Class solution for your Cessna 170, 172, 175 series and your Stinson 108 series aircraft.

For Experimental aircraft builders, the Franklin powerplant provides you with a reliable FAA certified solution at a much lower cost than any other comparable hp FAA certified engine and sometimes less than your "experimental" options.

Franklin Aircraft Engines, Inc. has developed several complete installation kits for Experimental aircraft and continues to do so to expand the applications for the Franklin engine. Take a close look inside here and you'll see why the pilots who fly behind a Franklin wouldn't choose any other alternative……Just ask them!

220 HP STC Approved !

Cessna 170, 172 & 175 Series
Stinson 108 Series
Float STC's

Substantial Climb & Cruise Increase
6 cylinder smoothness
Unmatched Horsepower and Torque
Constant Speed Propeller
Increased re-sale value
Alternator & Vacuum Pump Upgrade

KITFOX Series 5,6 & 7

125 hp
4 cylinder engine kit

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